The 2026 FGI Facility Code 
Revision Cycle Public Comment Period

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Revision Cycle Timeline

ABOUT THE GUIDELINES and FGI FACILITY CODE DOCUMENTS: The FGI Guidelines and FGI Facility Code documents provide fundamental, or baseline, requirements for the design and construction of included facility types, recommending minimum program, space, and equipment needs for clinical and support areas of hospitals, numerous outpatient facility types, and rehabilitation facilities as well as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, assisted living settings and other care and support facilities, adult day care facilities, and wellness centers. The documents also address minimum engineering design criteria for plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. The Joint Commission, many federal agencies, and state authorities having jurisdiction use the Guidelines and FGI Facility Code either as a code or a reference standard when reviewing, approving, and financing facility project plans; surveying, licensing, certifying, or accrediting newly constructed facilities; or developing their own codes.

ABOUT THE REVISION PROCESS: A new edition of the FGI Guidelines/FGI Facility Code is published every four years based on a three-year revision cycle that offers two opportunities for public participation. First, an invitation is issued to propose changes on any part of the current edition of the documents; then a draft version of the next edition is published for public comment. During the comment period, the public may comment only on proposed changes to the document.

INVITATION TO CONTRIBUTE: To contribute to the development of the 2026 FGI Facility Code documents, members of the public, particularly interested professionals in the health care and long-term care industries (clinicians, caregivers, administrators, facility managers, and design professionals) and AHJs who use the document in the field, are invited to submit comments on the Draft 2026 FGI Facility Code documents.

Questions? Write to [email protected].